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Alberta Custom Plumbing Products

Copper Manifolds & Headers
Copper Low Loss Headers
Copper Air & Dirt Separators
Custom Copper Configurations

Apex Tools Group

Axiom Industries

Axiom Industries

Hydronic System Feeders
Alarm Panel for Feeders
Condensate Neutralization
Water Demineralization
Side Stream Filters
Sight Flow Indicators
Chemical Bypass Feeders
PEX-Pal Turn Supports 

Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon Corp.

Pressure Gauges
Pressure and Level Transducers
Controllers, Seals, & Accessories



Pool Heat Exchangers
Stainless Steel


BMI Canada

Copper Fittings
Malleable, Brass, & Steel Fittings
Ball Valves and Gas Valves
Dielectric Unions
No Hub Couplings
PEX and Push-Fit Fittings
Merchant Steel Couplings
Stainless Steel Fittings & Nipples
Frost Free Faucets 


Caleffi North America

Air Vents, Air and Dirt Separation
Automatic Fill Units
Backflow Preventers
Balancing Devices
Hydraulic Separation
Mixing Valves
Zone Valves and Zone Controls

Capital Coil

Capital Coil

HVAC Coils and Fan Coil Units
Belt Drive Air Handlers
Tube Bundles & Heat Exchangers

Dahl Valve

Dahl Valve, Ltd.

Dahl mini-ball™ Valves & Fittings
Hanger, Straps, and Test Caps
Water Hammer Valves & Fittings
Globe Stops & Radiator Valves 



Inhibitors and Cleaners
Leak Sealers and Noise Silencer
All-Metal Glycol with Protector
Water Test Kits
Magnetic Filtering
Power Flush Units


Plumbing and Heating
Expansion Tanks
Well Tanks
Commercial Tanks

Flo Fab

Flo Fab

Commercial Pumps & Systems
Expansion Tanks, Air Separators
Heat Exchangers, Balancing Valves, & Flex Connectors

General Filters

General Filters

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
Air Cleaners
UV Air Purifiers
Heat Recovery Ventilators
Energy Recovery Ventilators



Heating & Hot Water Pumps
Booster Pumps
Sump, Sewage, & Effluent Pumps
Submersible Well Pumps & Motors
End-Suction & Inline Light Comm. 


HBX Controls

Boiler Mixing & Staging Controls
Solar & Geothermal Controls
Snow Melt Controls
Thermostats & Zone Controls


iCool USA

Rubber & PE-Insulated Tubes &
Line Sets
Copper Coils, Tube, & Fittings
Mini Split Brackets



Residential Wall & Floor Boilers
Light Commercial Boilers
Squire Indirect Water Heaters
Storage and Buffer Tanks
Condensing Water Heaters
Gas & Electric Water Heaters
Gas-Fired Tankless Water Heaters


Midea Ductless

High Wall Units
Console Units
Casette Units
Ducted Units

MrPEX Systems

PEX-a Tubing
Plumbing Fittings
Radiant Manifolds
Heating Controls
Pre-Insulated PEX

Noble Company

Waterproofing Membranes
Drains, Niches, Bases
Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Fluid  

Pioneer Industries

Bath and Kitchen Faucets
Olympia Builder Grade Residential
Pioneer Premium Residential
Central Brass Commercial

Polar Global

Fan Coil Products
Highwall SWC
Cassette and Slim Cassette
Free Discharge
Low and High Static Ducted
Specialty Applications

Pro1 IAQ

Digital Thermostats
WiFi Thermostat with Remote App
Wireless HVAC Zoning Controls
Wireless Wire®

Refrigeration Technologies

Coil Cleaners, Leak Detectors, Pan & Drain Treatment, Sealants, Welding Compounds, Lubricants 


Vent-Free Room Heaters
Patio Heaters
Construction Heaters
Infrared Tube Heaters
Ceramic Infrared Heaters

SWEP North America

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Tower Tech, Inc.

Assembled Cooling Towers
Enclosed Flow-Through Basin

UEi Test Instruments

Wide Range of Test Instruments
Smartphone Connections 

Unico System

Small Duct High-Velocity HVAC
iSeries Mini Split Systems
Colored Round Supply Air Outlets 



Gas Condensing Boilers
Indirect-Fired Water Heaters
Flat Plate Solar Thermal Systems
Biomass Boiler Systems


Webstone Company

Isolator Ball Valve Flanges
Pro-Pal Series Valves and Fittings
Hydro-Core Boiler Piping
Isolator E-X-P Tankless Valve Kits
Pro-Connect Valves and Fittings
Hydronic System Air Eliminators
Thermostatic Mixing Valves  

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