Company History

Intermountain Sales and Marketing traces its beginnings to 1996 when Joe Kennard, who had worked in the plumbing and hydronic industry in many capacities, became the Utah and Idaho face of Western Hydronics Sales, based out of Denver, Colorado. The Utah market succeeded so well that Joe's team was able to break out on their own with the blessing of WHS and many of the lines they held, to form Intermountain Sales and Marketing, Inc. in 2002.

Towards the end of 2017, Intermountain Sales and Marketing was able to acquire the lines and talents of the employees of High Desert Sales, bringing our team to the total we have today.

Through hard work, honest dealings, and doing what we say we will do, we have established great relationships with our distributor and trade (pull through) customers. We have a long track record with both trade and distributor customers who rely on and trust our technical knowledge and support. We take care of customers at all times, whether it is an order or a problem. We have the desire to grow our business and that of our Manufacturing and Distribution Partners through performance.

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