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Residential Combustion Analyzer - UEi C161

The C161, with EOS Technology, eliminates the number one hassle experienced by HVAC technicians, the cost and down time of replacing the O2 sensor. The EOS award-winning technology for combustion analysis replaces the everyday electro-optical sensor with EOS CO2 technology, lowering the cost of ownership. The C161 offers direct CO2 measurement and features a 30 second start up time. 

C161 Features and Benefits

Flue Gas Analyzer with
Direct CO2 Measurement

See all your readings on one screen

Lower cost-of-ownership over your analyzer’s lifetime

Better accuracy, avoids cross contamination

Alerts you when the water trap is getting full

Automatically compensates readings for altitude

Ambient and Flue temperature
Differential temperature
30 Memory locations
Infrared printer port
8 Preprogrammed fuels
Magnetic boot
Auto purge at shutdown 


EOS Technology Explained

Direct contact between flue gases and O2 sensors will eventually wear down the sensor and force costly replacement.

Even when your analyzer is “off” the O2 sensor is still in Oxygen, accelerating the process.

Over your analyzer’s lifetime, the cost adds up. 

Replace the Oxygen sensor with UEi’s “EOS” Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor. Our technology protects the sensor because flue gases don’t make direct contact with it.

Because the sensor is not wearing down, there’s less risk of inaccurate calculations.

No O2 sensor to replace means lower cost of ownership.